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Marijuana Opposition Links:

Parents Opposed to Pot

Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM)

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

Repeal Marijuana In Maine

Healthy & Productive Michigan

National Alliance for Marijuana Prevention

Protect Our Society (Oregon)

Texans Against Legalizing Marijuana

Drug Free Idaho

Marijuana Victims Alliance   (Facebook)

Colorado against the normalization of dope

Residents for a Drug-free San Benito County

Fight Marijuana Legalization

Drug Safe Utah   (Facebook)

No Weed Illinois   (Facebook)


 Marijuana Education Links:

Talking to Teens About Marijuana


Government Links:

The HIDTA National Marijuana Initiative

NIH Marijuana Research Report


Addiction and Health Resource Links:

Celebrate Recovery

Advanced Recovery Systems

The Recovery Village

Addiction Center Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Connections

Rehab Spot



Drug Addiction and Oral Health

Addiction Group

Sanctuary of Transformation
Addiction Treatment

Addiction Rehab Center

Dr. Sarah Dupuis U.S. Treatment Centers Map

Crestview Recovery