July 2019

Clark County Council lifts ban on marijuana commercialization
Councilors Julie Olson, John Blom and Temple Lentz vote to lift ban
After an evening of tremendous, life affirming (anti marijuana) testimony, the three pro pot councilors, Julie Olson, John Blom and Temple Lentz, still lifted the Clark County ban in the unincorporated areas. Next step is to remove at least one of them from office, like San Diego did, and re-enact the ban.

The unincorporated county precincts voted solidly against marijuana. Why did council seek to impose commercialization? The law allows local jurisdictions to ban it. The scant tax revenues, that do little to mitigate social costs, don't seem a likely reason. This seems to be about forcing Vancouver ideology and policy onto conservative Clark County, political imperialism.

The county has good cause for concern about the dangerous idea of normalizing drugs. The American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Pediatrics all oppose legalization, and lots of addiction prevention societies too. Add to that law enforcement and environmental organizations.

But the pro pot rhetoric is pervasive, fueled by revenue from those selling addiction, and promoted by liberals and Libertarians, the former making a god out of government, and the latter self absorbed.

Instead, we should be negotiating together for the Common Good, defending our freedom to do as we ought, and not promoting social and political dysfunction. Clark County pot is a win/lose proposition. There's nothing good in it for families.

The pro marijuana votes on this council have underwhelming experience in raising a family. The scourge of drug abuse is largely a family malady. Without much experience in raising families, what does this council know about keeping families safe?

San Diego County removed pro pot councilors two years ago, re-enacting their ban on marijuana. Clark County can do the same. Neither District 2 or 3 solidly supported I-502.

It's been somewhat of a mystery why policy makers push pot. The negative social consequences are obvious and affirmed by many stake holding professionals. I don't think though that it's because these policy makers do not care. The concern is that it's something worse, that they are incapable of caring. Pro pot's apparently can't see the great level of harm being done. Is that because human demise, the culture of death, is the new norm we must all accept. Pro pot policy makers are drug enablers contributing to a heartless and soulless society. It's been said that policy makers must know well the difference between serving the public and killing it.

We can do better. Say Yes to Life.

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June 2019

Do We Want Marijuana Growing, Processing, & Sales in Our Neighborhoods?

See: NO to Marijuana in Rural Clark County - E-Mail Council.pdf

See: Marijuana Addiction & Harmful Affects

This posting with the following information was received from a reliable source (and WAALM.org collaborator) opposed to marijuana facilities expanding into the unincorporated areas of Clark County. It is suggested this material be forwarded to persons in Clark County who may be opposed to marijuana growing, processing, and retail sales in areas in or near where ones lives or shops. It is hoped all those who receive this information can contribute to opposing marijuana proliferation.

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June 2019

May 2019
Clark County Sheriff’s Office says no to cannabis revenue
Undersheriff tells council chair he doesn't want deputy salaries tied to ‘drug money’
... the Clark County Sheriff’s Office wants none of it ... “Drugs have been destroying families for generations and will continue to do so,” Cooke wrote. “Unfortunately, now our local governments want to increase revenue on the backs of these poor families.”  Read article

Parents Opposed To Pot: A former New York Times reporter and now a best-selling author, Alex Berenson has an important new book, Tell Your Children: The truth about marijuana, violence and mental health. Simon & Schuster will publish and release it on January 8, 2019.

Indeed Berenson’s book promises to confirm the facts that we’ve been warning about: the marijuana-psychosis links; that pot use often makes people violent; that it leads to more crime, more overall drug abuse and more fatalities.  As we try to “tell our children,” NO amount of marijuana use is worth the risks. 
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Chronic State Video
By Drug Free Idaho

July 2018: If you have any doubts about the harm normalizing drug use brings to society, watch this brand new video by Drug Free Idaho.  It's a powerful production that documents and demonstrates the wide ranging effects legalizing marijuana has on local communities.  It's called Chronic State and it's very well done.  Marijuana is a dangerous drug!  We don't want to facilitate marijuana marketing in our local jurisdictions. 

Chronic State from DrugFree Idaho, Inc. on Vimeo.


Federal Marijuana Legislation

June 8, 2018:  President Trump has announced that he is "likely" to sign legislation protecting states that have legalized marijuana. Please call the White House 202 456-1111, and tell President Trump that you are against this legalization of marijuana.  The Controlled Substances Act was upheld by SCOTUS.  Also write your comment to the White House online here. The President and our leaders need to hear from us for the sake of society. Numbers do make a difference!

Great Video: Will Trump Bow to the Big Money Marijuana Industry?



Clark County Work Session on
Current Marijuana Ban
Wednesday, May 30th, 2018
Downtown Vancouver 
See Article In Clark County Today

Dear Life Defending Friend, you are needed to give supporting public comment at the Clark County Council's work session on the current county ban on marijuana production, processing and sales in the unincorporated areas.  Meeting date is Wednesday, May 30th at 5 pm, held at the County Public Service Center at 1300 Franklin Street, in downtown Vancouver.

It's important that the five councilors hear from you.  One councilor, John Blom (R), has spoken favorably of bringing marijuana industry into the unincorporated county and another, Julie Olson (R), says she's undecided.   While Councilors Boldt, Stewart and Quiring are all opposed, come November the council composition could lean pro pot due to District 1 election dynamics.  We need Blom and Olson to feel political heat on any pro pot or indecisive stance.

If you want detailed and proven facts on the serious hazards of further facilitating drug culture see Waalm's research page here.

Once inspired, please plan to attend this meeting.  Those giving public comment will have three minutes to speak.  Remember to sign in when you arrive.  Dr. Phillip Drum of Parents Opposed to Pot will be at the table with the councilors as an expert witness on the medical and related hazards of marijuana.  Clark County's Drug Task Force will also be at the table.  On the other side, there will be three marijuana industry proponents at the table, and no doubt some pro pots there for public comment too.  We need you!  Love of God and neighbor should impel us to speak up.

Political Sign Project

If you're interested in posting these durable, 2 x 3 foot corrugated plastic signs in your area in Washington State during election season, please contact us.  You can download the MS Publisher file here and use as suited to your circumstances, either as is or edited.